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Make Christmas Lights (Part 2)

In part 1 we made 3 leds blink in different patterns. In this part we’ll connect to string of LEDs to make it look more like Christmas lights.

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Make Christmas Lights (part 1)

It’s Christmas time! Yeah! … Are you bored? Me too. Hearing the same Christmas songs every year all over again. Boring love movies on all channels and they aren’t even half good as they were before. So let’s make it

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Making a Bench Shelf

When I started with electronics I worked on an old plastic table which was quite unstable. I saw a kitchen table for half the price – brand new. They dropped the price because one of the legs had few scratches.

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Rigol DS2072A first impression

I just received the Rigol DS2072A (the new version of the DS2000 series) oscilloscope and I though I can share my first impressions. It’s not a complete review because the good and bad sides I’ll mention are not actually tested

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Delays in microcontrollers

Everyone says that it’s bad to use loops for delays in microcontrollers.  But why? It’s a lot easier to make it that way. In most cases there are macros available that’ll do the calculations for you and will make the

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Operational Amplifiers (op amps)

Well, internet is full of op amp tutorials. Wasting time for writing yet another tutorial which will say nothing new is not efficient. What I’ll do is to search for good tutorials and list them. I’ll also read/watch them and

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Voltage, current, resistance, Ohm’s law.

You have never studied electronics it’s probably a good idea to learn about basic quantities voltage, current and resistace before you continue with electronics. If you know about it it’s still good to read this in order to confirm you

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First Steps with μControllers Part 3

(running the first program) When you write programs for devices it’s a lot worse when something goes wrong. For example if you output the wrong signal, depending on your schematic you might be making a short circuit. Or if you

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First Steps with μControllers Part 2

(writing the first program) If you are tired of talking and want some action – let’s not waste anymore time. In this part you will learn how to set up a project using MPLab, write a simple program and run

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First Steps with μControllers Part 1

… or starting from scratch. You heard about microcontrollers, but you don’t know where to start. Well start here – read this article/tutorial and you will never look at microcontrollers in the same way again.

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