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Delays in microcontrollers

Everyone says that it’s bad to use loops for delays in microcontrollers.  But why? It’s a lot easier to make it that way. In most cases there are macros available that’ll do the calculations for you and will make the

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First Steps with μControllers Part 2

(writing the first program) If you are tired of talking and want some action – let’s not waste anymore time. In this part you will learn how to set up a project using MPLab, write a simple program and run

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First Steps with μControllers Part 1

… or starting from scratch. You heard about microcontrollers, but you don’t know where to start. Well start here – read this article/tutorial and you will never look at microcontrollers in the same way again.

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How to not die from Chinese charger adapter

 I found an old GSM charger and I wondered if I can use it for something. On the label it sais 4.8 to 8.5V. What a precision! And if you wonder – it’s not within spec – the output is

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